Who We Are

Our History

We started with a few local business people who wanted more from their bank. They dreamed of a bank where they would feel known, understood, and supported. They wanted their small businesses to flourish and found that a solid banking relationship was an important dynamic to business success.  This group of business people came together with their vision of a relationship bank and together founded Pacific West Bank.  The bank opened in 2004 and since then has continued to realize its vision of Banking on Relationships.

Our Philosophy

That slogan, Banking on Relationships, sums up our uncommon philosophy in three simple words. Relationship Banking is all about you.  It’s about listening to you.  Getting to know you, understanding what you find important, and what you need to be successful.  Partnering with you to help get you there.  It’s about helping your business grow by offering trustworthy advice, making local decisions, and working together in the same community.

We’re passionate about what we do.  We love being part of a community bank because of the shared vision of the bank, its personnel, and its customers.  Most of our founders and board members are small business owners and understand how difficult owning and operating a business can be.  We admire the selflessness of business owners who are honorable and effective employers providing for the welfare of many others in our community.  We also admire business owners for their passion, entrepreneurial spirits, and willingness to take risks which empower them to give back to the community. We love being bankers because we feel that through diligence and hard work, our efforts make a difference to local organizations, our customers, and the community.  Our customers are not just numbers to us, instead we get to know them as people, laugh with them, sympathize with them, and are reminded daily of how great people can really be.  

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